100 Hour

Battery Life

With Charging Case

10 hours of audio playback with 90 more from the charging case.



Noise Cancelling

True Wireless Earbuds

Total listening time: 100 Hours

100-Hour Battery Life

Power through your day with up to 10 hours of continuous audio playback and an additional 90 hours from the charging case.


Are you ready to listen smarter? ReduxBuds intelligently filter sound so you can remain immersed in your music while still being aware of your surroundings.

AI Powered Active Noise Cancellation
Transparency Mode
100 - Hour Battery Life
7 mm Graphene Drivers
Perfect Ergonomic Fit
Dual Beam-Forming Microphone
Touch Control
Bluetooth 5.0
Google & Siri Compatible
Type-C Quick Charging
IPX5 Water Resistant

1) Ambient sound waves picked up by mic.

2) Noise cancelling sound wave generated by earbuds speakers.

3) Combined sound waves cancel each other out.

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)

ReduxBuds phase out loud external noises so you can enjoy your music without having to crank up the volume and put your hearing at risk. Redux ANC calibrates its intensity to reduce battery drain and selectively filter out noise.

Choose the way you listen with 3 Listening Modes


Blocks ambient noise so you can enjoy your music


Just like normal earbuds, but better


Amplifies the sounds you need to hear (e.g. voices, emergency vehicles, alarms)

Transparency Mode

Intelligent AI permits nearby voices, alarms, and traffic sounds to reach your ears keeping you safe and mindful of your environment. Toggle between modes to customize the way you listen.

Ergonomic Fit

Ears come in all shapes and sizes, and they all deserve the same ReduxBuds experience. Choose the one that feels best and enjoy the comfort of a perfect fit.

Find Your Perfect Fit

with 3 ear tip sizes included

Ready to Upgrade Your Music?

Ready to Upgrade Your Music?

Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 is lightning-fast and highly responsive allowing you to auto-pair to your device and ensuring no audio-video lag.

Dual Beamforming Mic

ReduxBuds capture your voice clearly while blocking out ambient noise. Stereo call allows you to fully listen in both ears ensuring crystal clear audio for both callers.

Touch Controls

Intuitive touch controls allow you to control ReduxBuds with a simple tap.

Digital Assistant Access

With ReduxBuds, you can access your digital assistant with nothing but a tap to an earbud and your voice. Experience freedom from your screens and multitask with ease.


Apple Voice Assistant

Google Assistant

Google Voice Assistant

Xiao Ai

Xiaomi Voice Assistant

Type-C Quick Charging

Our type-C charger features 2x data transfer speeds and much faster charging than standard cables. It only takes 2 hours to give ReduxBuds 100 hours of power.

Ready to Upgrade Your Music?

Ready to Upgrade Your Music?